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    An image of sleep shades with colorful words reading 'the color of blindness' on them.

    Color of Blindness - Click to Purchase Tickets

    Have you ever wondered what people who are blind see? Contrary to popular
    belief, blindness includes people who still have enough eyesight to see light,
    shapes, shadows, and colors around them in varying degrees. Even completely
    blind individuals report that they actually do not see their world in darkness.
    Join us in seeing the world of color through the eyes of the blind. Blindconnect
    Angela’s House is proud to showcase the art work of our participants which tells a
    unique story of how they view life. Each piece is available for auction with all
    proceeds going to provide independence training at our Angela’s House, Nevada’s
    one-and-only blindness skills training center. During this fundraising event, we
    hope that you too will try our experience of painting while under blindfold.
    Join Blindconnect to Benefit Angela’s House

    - October 17, 2019

    - 6:00-8:00 PM

    - RTC'S Mobility Training Center

    - 5165 W. Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118

    - Wine and light hours d'oeuvres will be served

    - Event tickets are $50 per person 

    Keep an eye out for our sign up page coming soon!


    On Friday, July 12, 2019 Blindconnect received the prestigious Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award from the National Federation of the Blind. Dr.Boloton was known for his achievements in becoming a completely blind physician in the early 1900s. He was a trail blazer and one of the many founding positive influences who began demolishing misconceptions about the self-sufficiency and capabilities of the blind. Due to several outstanding recommendations from staff members and graduates which demonstrated how Angela‘s House embodies the spirit of Dr.Boloton, Blindconnect President Raquel O’Neill was honored to except the award on behalf of the organization. 


    Blindconnect graduates, Angela’s House staff, and Board of Director members who were present all standing together in a hall at the NFB National Convention.



    Blindconnect Workshops

    If you are new to blindness, or would like to keep enhancing your independence skills, please join us for our workshops.

    Held Tuesdays 1PM to 6PM and Fridays from 12PM to 5PM

    We have instructors ready to assist you with Braille, typing, chair fitness, One Touch Self-Defense, orientation and mobility and cell phone access.

    Call and leave a voice message to reserve your spot: 702-631-9009 or

    e-mail Angela’s House Program Manager:



    Contact Us 

    Blindconnect Inc. is located in the RTC Mobility Training Center at 5165 West Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118

    Call us and leave a message for a caring representative at 702-631-9009

    What's New?

    BlindConnect Family Legacy Project

    Emotion Expressing. Freedom Claiming. Blind Painting. Color.Blind Paint Experience. Get Un-Stuck.

    Ever feel stressed, burned out or just stuck? What do you tell yourself about your life experiences? How is that affecting you? Are you living your best life free of the blocks that can hinder your progress? Paint it out!

    The Color.Blind Paint Experience is a is an emotional release painting class that will provide the powerful creative outlet that your heart craves. It requires no prior painting knowledge or experience but will take you on a journey of self-expression and self-discovery that is both a stress-reliever and a catalyst for substantial emotional growth. (Learn more)

    BlindConnect serves those affected by vision loss and provides blind Nevadans opportunities to increase independence.

    BlindConnect is a 501(C)3 nonprofit which offers information and services to Nevada’s blind and visually impaired population through skills training, support group, and other valuable resources.

    Vision loss may take away the window to the world, but not the heart and soul of life. Whether due to illness, accident or genetics, vision impairment impacts the way a person must live their life.

    BlindConnect exists to provide visually impaired Nevadans the resources and knowledge they need to make their lives more fulfilling.

    Founded in 1998, BlindConnect is Southern Nevada's primary nonprofit source for those in need of resources for vision services, referrals, peer support, educational programs and more.

    Angela's House

    Blindness is frightening. It is isolating. It is life-altering. But, the visually impaired don't have to face those challenges alone. Angela's House is Nevada's only facility designed specifically to offer life skills training, resources, and peer support for participants - all in one location. Angela's House is the heart of BlindConnect. Here, visually impaired will find a safe place to unite for strength, support and invaluable training and information on living with vision loss.

    Learn more about our premier program,  Angela’s House.

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    BlindConnect: Mastering Vision Loss


    BlindConnect: Setting Sights on Independence


BLINDCONNECT provides services to the blind of Southern Nevada that support their efforts to increase independence.
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