BlindConnect Family Legacy Project

The BlindConnect Family Legacy Project celebrates the individual and collective stories of our community. It creates safe spaces for self-expression, personal freedom, and emotional release. It gives Nevadans a unique opportunity to explore their personal story and express it through artistic works of local artists. It will culminate in Fall of 2019 in a celebration entitled, "The Color of Blindness." 

2-Hour Emotional Shots
Emotion Expressing. Freedom Claiming. Blind Painting. 2-Hour eMOTIONal Shot. Get Un-Stuck.
Ever feel stressed, burned out or just stuck? What do you tell yourself about your life experiences? How is that affecting you? Are you living your best life free of the blocks that can hinder your progress? Paint it out!
Stress, burnout and self-talk are essential elements of the many physical, emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, and financial dysfunctions that we experience far too often.
The BlindConnect 2-Hour eMOTIONal Shot is a is an emotional release painting class that will provide the powerful creative outlet that your heart craves. It requires no prior painting knowledge or experience but will take you on a journey of self-expression and self-discovery that is both a stress-reliever and a catalyst for substantial emotional growth.
The Emotional Shot takes you on an adventure of clarity, trust and invigoration through the exploration of various forms of spiritual, emotional and physical release through the use of play and intuitive artistic expression. A series of 2-Hour emotional shots completes a self-care certificate course.

Blind participants and their families are encouraged to attend. We ask that family members consider a donation to BlindConnect. Members of the community are also invited with a donation of $45. There is an emotional focus for each month that can be found on the invitations below. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

BlindConnect is proud to provide beneficial programs like the Family Legacy Project. These programs are made possible by support from caring members of our community. To find out more about the sponsorship opportunities available for the BlindConnect Family Legacy Project, see our Sponsorship Information.

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