Choice Center Supports Blindconnect, Inc.

Your support is so important because blindness is a threatening condition that happens daily through injury, hereditary disease, or secondary to other medical problems. Blindconnect offers the only program in Nevada where persons experiencing the loss of eyesight can attend independent interactive classes to regain confidence, build a network of others who are going through the same process and learn the skills required for self-sufficiency. It costs approximately $6,000 per individual to attend this three weeks intensive program. The generosity of funders will give the blind new vision for life.

Blindconnect is here to support and connect all persons impacted by and experiencing vision loss to the tools and resources they and their families need in order to see that living a full and purposeful life is possible.  For this reason, Blindconnect has created a major program known as Angeles House, named in honor of a board member who lost not only her eyesight but her will to live because of blindness. Angela's House is a safe place where people can learn how to cope with the loss of eyesight and learn new skills for daily living. 


GOAL: $55,000.00
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