Blind Date

Raquel O’Neil stands in front of a large room of guests attending blind date.


Since 2010 we’ve hosted an annual fundraising dinner called Blind Date where guests enjoy a special night out while dining under blindfolds. We gathered at Vdata Hotel May 23, 2018, for our eighth event. It was wonderful. More than 100 folks joined us as we gathered for cocktails and viewed all the exciting silent auction items that would soon find new homes within the community. At 7:15 pm our dinner chair, Diane Fisher, invited us into the dining room where we met our tablemates and heard introductory remarks. Then we donned our blindfolds. What an experience. Luckily, we had Raquel O’Neill to guide us through the three-course meal. Some of us did really well; others had difficulty keeping the food on their plate or the fork. Between courses, our annual video “Setting our Sights on Independence” was shared with participants. This year the video was in three parts (you can see them by clicking on the link on our home page). The video ‘told our story’ through the eyes and words of our participants, their families, our staff and volunteers, and 0ur program partners. Tentative plans for 2019 are:

Wednesday, May 22

Vdara Hotel

begins 6:00 pm and ends at 9:15 pm

Please check back for more info coming soon!