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Angela’s House is teaming up with the Nevada BELL Academy to help teach braille literacy to blind and visually impaired children. The academy will not be held until the summer, but there is a lot to get done before then. If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering, or if you know a family who has a child who could benefit from learning braille and independent living skills in a fun and educational environment, please contact Skye Dunfield at Nevada.NFB.BELL@gmail.com. If you want to learn more about BELL, please visit http://www.nfbnevada.org/bell-academy.html

Connect with us in 2020. Join or renew your membership today with Blindconnect.


A group of Blindconnect volunteers who are manning a booth at a community event are standing together behind a table and smiling.

Why should you join?

  • Blindconnect and our programs provide advocacy, training, support, and resource’s for persons and their families who are impacted by vision loss/blindness in Nevada. Blindness can unfortunately occur to any individual at any time whether it be through injury, secondary medical cause, or genetics. As our current members say, “It is such a relief to have a place to go when we are given this life altering and often devastating news.” And “Blindconnect offers hope for life after blindness.”
  • We have the only blindness skills training program in Nevada specially designed to increase independence and self-sufficiency of newly blind adults known as Angela’s House.
  • Our group is a small but mighty force of volunteers who value leading by example. Most of our trainers and leadership are either living the life of blindness with success or have been impacted by vision loss through an immediate family member. We truly walk the walk, and our current and past accomplishments show it. (please see our latest news letter for key accomplishments in 2019)

What do I get for joining?

  • Consultation and advocacy services in any of our service areas
  • Angela’s House training graduates receive ongoing graduate support with information about our workshops and first-hand knowledge of upcoming community/donor gifts. For example, if someone donates tickets to shows, magnifiers, electronic equipment  or other tangible goods for the blind they would be contacted first to see if they or a loved one could benefit.
  • Quarterly news letters to share in the good work we do
  • Bragging rights to be a part of our unique and empowering organization
  • Connection and belonging to a positive, inspiring, and empowering group of people including professionals, individuals who are both overcoming challenges and celebrating successes of living with blindness, and family members who are also learning that there is hope for the future.

Join us today by completing 2 simple steps:

  1. Download and complete the membership application here in MS Word then e-mail to contact@blindconnect.org
  2. Pay $10 right here on our Donate page, or feel free to bring cash whenever you next stop by. 

Blindconnect in the RTC Mobility Training Center

5165 West Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118


If you or a loved one needs assistance in completing your membership application please do so by calling 702-631-9009.


We look forward to serving Nevada in 2020 with hope and optimism.

Setting our sights on independence.


Our Color of Blindness event was a success! A big thank you to everyone who made the evening so special. 


On Friday, July 12, 2019 Blindconnect received the prestigious Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award from the National Federation of the Blind. Dr.Boloton was known for his achievements in becoming a completely blind physician in the early 1900s. He was a trail blazer and one of the many founding positive influences who began demolishing misconceptions about the self-sufficiency and capabilities of the blind. Due to several outstanding recommendations from staff members and graduates which demonstrated how Angela‘s House embodies the spirit of Dr.Boloton, Blindconnect President Raquel O’Neill was honored to except the award on behalf of the organization. 


Blindconnect graduates, Angela’s House staff, and Board of Director members who were present all standing together in a hall at the NFB National Convention.



Blindconnect Workshops

If you are new to blindness, or would like to keep enhancing your independence skills, please join us for our workshops.

Held Tuesdays 1PM to 6PM and Fridays from 12PM to 5PM

We have instructors ready to assist you with Braille, typing, chair fitness, One Touch Self-Defense, orientation and mobility and cell phone access.

Call and leave a voice message to reserve your spot: 702-631-9009 or

e-mail Angela’s House Program Manager: raquel@blindconnect.org



Contact Us 

Blindconnect Inc. is located in the RTC Mobility Training Center at 5165 West Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Call us and leave a message for a caring representative at 702-631-9009

What's New?

BlindConnect Family Legacy Project

Emotion Expressing. Freedom Claiming. Blind Painting. Color.Blind Paint Experience. Get Un-Stuck.

Ever feel stressed, burned out or just stuck? What do you tell yourself about your life experiences? How is that affecting you? Are you living your best life free of the blocks that can hinder your progress? Paint it out!

The Color.Blind Paint Experience is a is an emotional release painting class that will provide the powerful creative outlet that your heart craves. It requires no prior painting knowledge or experience but will take you on a journey of self-expression and self-discovery that is both a stress-reliever and a catalyst for substantial emotional growth. (Learn more)

BlindConnect serves those affected by vision loss and provides blind Nevadans opportunities to increase independence.

BlindConnect is a 501(C)3 nonprofit which offers information and services to Nevada’s blind and visually impaired population through skills training, support group, and other valuable resources.

Vision loss may take away the window to the world, but not the heart and soul of life. Whether due to illness, accident or genetics, vision impairment impacts the way a person must live their life.

BlindConnect exists to provide visually impaired Nevadans the resources and knowledge they need to make their lives more fulfilling.

Founded in 1998, BlindConnect is Southern Nevada's primary nonprofit source for those in need of resources for vision services, referrals, peer support, educational programs and more.

Angela's House

Blindness is frightening. It is isolating. It is life-altering. But, the visually impaired don't have to face those challenges alone. Angela's House is Nevada's only facility designed specifically to offer life skills training, resources, and peer support for participants - all in one location. Angela's House is the heart of BlindConnect. Here, visually impaired will find a safe place to unite for strength, support and invaluable training and information on living with vision loss.

Learn more about our premier program,  Angela’s House.

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BlindConnect: Mastering Vision Loss


BlindConnect: Setting Sights on Independence


  • Latest from the blog

    April News Letter 2019

    Blindconnect Inc Volume 20, #1 March, 2019 We thank our generous DonorsDoug UngerChristine and Jim WunderlinThe Kara FoundationErin and Ben EricsonAlex Stone Barbara ViveroJohn and Joanne TownsleyCW Hoffman, JrYvonne TownsleyBelinda Parica ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Letter from Our President Domino's Pizza — and many other companies — may soon have to change theirwebsites and apps to better serve customers who are blind. The U.S. Court ofAppeals for the Ninth Circuit, which applies to Arizona, ruled this week thatfederal Americans With Disabilities Act protections apply to websites and mobileapps. It sent the lawsuit against Domino's back down to the lower court inCalifornia to decide what the pizza restaurant must do next to assure it is incompliance.The American Foundation for the Blind commented on the decision.“As more and more companies conduct business online, it is unsurprising that weare seeing a rise in these accessibility-related issues,” officials with The AmericanFoundation for the Blind told The Arizona Republic in a statement.We at Blindconnect encourage low vision and blind Nevadan’s to speak out forfurther and stronger inclusion such as what is mentioned in this timely article. Asthe digital landscape ever changes, it is paramount that we continuously unite ourvoices to be heard about what works for the sake of our independence. This valueof empowerment and many other reasons are why I am proud to be stepping into leadership at Blindconnect.My name is Raquel O’Neill, and I amhonored to introduce myself to you inthis first newsletter of the year as thesecond president of Blindconnect Inc. Atage 14 I lost my eyesight fromprogressive congenital glaucoma. Now Ilive with my husband who is also blindand our 6-year-old son who is lowvision. I share this so that you know thatour family lives completely independently because of the education, tools,resources, and information that are made possible by organizations such asBlindconnect. Not just any organization, but one that carries the value of blindpersons who teach and mentor other blind persons towards independence.Therefore, I strive to carry forward the wonderful work that Jean Peyton along with many others before have started. In this 21st year of our organization Ibelieve that we are at an exciting point for blind Nevadans with an ability toincrease access to services and I hope you will find the new format of ournewsletter informative and insightful. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Updates First and foremost, here are some updates relating to our organization. This willbe followed by an Angela’s House graduate highlight, a volunteer corner article,and last but not least ways for you to stay connected and involved with us.In the spirit of unity and advocacy, Blindconnect has recently joined with otherlocal blindness organizations including Nevada Counsel for the Blind, NevadaFederation of the Blind, and Nevada Blind Children’s foundation to speak aboutcurrent pieces of legislation being considered in our own state. We are starting toapproach our assemblymen and senators to discuss such things as the importanceof having a school for the blind, protecting rights of blind parents, and ensuring that previous legislation concerning prescription drug readers are upheld andreinforced. All of these issues directly impacts our road to independencetherefore I attended our first visit to the legislature in Carson City on March 13,2019 and am glad to report that it was a productive time met with positive regardand respect. I look forward to many more meaningful conversations with ourrepresentatives.While spending a day in Carson City I had the opportunity to connect with someof the blind of northern Nevada. This was a fierce group of folks who raised theirconcerns for limited access to resources. I was able to encourage them by sharingthat Blindconnect Angela’s House graduated our first Sparks Nevada participantand we look forward to continuing to invite additional participants from the northto attend our training.Blindconnect is excited to announce our newest project called, the family legacy.Losing eye sight effects the entire family and every family has a story to tell ofhow they have journeyed through vision loss overcoming the darkness to findnew meaning in life. Since we believe that every story is worthy of being told,Blindconnect is partnering with Onyx Creatives to bring families together duringcreative painting sessions. Once per month we are holding these painting sessionswhere blind members and their family have an opportunity to display how theysee the world through tactile paints with essential oils. Family members areblindfolded to create awareness in truly seeing things the way their loved onedoes while expressing themselves through art. The paintings from this project willculminate in our first gallery style viewing on October 17, 2019 known as, TheColor of Blindness. Stay tuned for further updates regarding this project andplease come in to join us for painting. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Graduate Highlight! Angela’s House training goes state wide with ourfirst northern Nevada participant.Mayleen Hughes, a Sparks, Nevada resident, wifeand mother, has completed Angela’s House 90hours of independence training program. Mayleenhas blessed our Angela’s House family withinfectious laughter, enthusiasm, and an opportunityfor us to introduce new curriculum focused onparenting without sight. During her time with us atAngela’s House, we held our first blind parentsworkshop where we discussed important topicssuch as, advocating for parental rights, explaining ourabilities to social workers, family members, and teachers, and how to bond withour children through accessible games, administer medications, and matchclothing. Mayleen was able to involve her 5-year-old daughter and sightedhusband in her training process. She had mobility lessons with her daughter, andeven an outing where she caught her first ride on paratransit to Target for aStarbucks visit and shopping experience. Mayleen says, “I used to think that dueto my vision impairment life will never be the same again. I allowed myself to beengulfed with sadness and narrow-mindedness that had me do things with somuch limitations, uncertainty, and fear which often lead me in the corner of ourbed. Then I landed in this so called place Blindconnect Angela’s House. A month oftraining, I regained my strength, courage, and confidence thanks to all thementors and staff who’s patience never ends. They imparted their skills andknowledge. I left this what I call now, life changer place, equipped with new mindset, friends and family. Who needs an eye to see?, to be a wife, to be a mother,and to be a friend? I can be the person who I want to be and do what I want todo.” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Volunteer Corner Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ed Robichaud, and I am the newvolunteer coordinator/board member for Blindconnect. I have a retinal diseasecalled Myopic Degeneration. Essentially, this means I am extremely nearsighted. Ihave lost central and some peripheral vision. I've had this condition from birth.Growing up was always a challenge of adapting and adopting to my environmentand situation. I remember, as a youngster being told that I would probably beblind by my mid fifties. Well, Dr Ford was very close to being spot on. At fiftyeight, I voluntarily gave up my driver's license. I also had to give up my job. So, Ifound myself facing a "rock bottom", if you will. Along with all the emotions thatgo along with loss, especially anger and depression. After a few months I realizedthat I had a choice- Stay wallowing and stuck, or get moving. So, I chose the latter.I have long recognized the healing power of support groups. I was also searchingfor a professional, no nonsense place where I could feel safe and be myself. Iremember calling Jean at this place called Blindconnect. I was amazed shereturned my call within 24 hours. She encouraged me to come to Friday supportgroup to check it out. I had registered with Paratransit Services by this time, so offI went. Well, the rest is history. I have been attending support group at Angela's ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ House regularly for over 2 years now. It is here that I have found, in no particularorder, safety, professionalism, the business of 'say what you mean and meanwhat you say'. A sense of like-mindedness in a positive environment. And perhapsmost importantly, a sense of hope, independence, and empowerment. Thank youJean!With renewed confidence, I re-established connection with a homeless advocacyorganization here. Currently I am volunteering at both organizations in variouscapacities. I have learned that vision loss does not need to equal the end ofindependence. In retrospect, it took losing my sight to find my vision and focus. Inthe next article, I will focus on what we are looking for in a volunteer forBlindconnect / Angela's House. I will let you in on things the volunteers have beenup to, possibilities that exist for volunteers, and the process of becoming avolunteer with Blindconnect / Angela's House. Until then, if you would like moreinformation on becoming a volunteer, please call Blindconnect at 702-631-9009,and leave a message for me. Until next time... Ed ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stay connected and involved Many of our Angela’s House participant accomplishments along with currentinformation about events and resources can be viewed on our new BlindconnectAngela’s House Facebook profile. Please search for us and become our friend. We are only a call away. Did you know? Our phone number is a voice messagesystem where volunteers and Blindconnect board members receive and returncalls. You are welcome to call us anytime for resources or information by leavingus a message. We strive to return calls within the same day/24-hours window andif we do not reach you we will diligently call you back up to 3 times. 702-631-9009 Our website has a new and refreshed look with Blindconnect logo colors andupdated information. Thanks to our very own Angela’s House youth graduate,Skye Dunfield, much needed photo descriptions were added so that when using ascreen reader we all can enjoy them. Please visit us at:www.blindconnect.org We set our sights on independence. Truly yours,Raquel O’Neill
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    Choice Center Leadership University elivates Blindconnect

    In 7 days 35 members of Choice Center Leadership University raised $206,444+ to enhance the services of Blindconnect. This funding will provide independence training for newly blind youth and adults in Nevada. Thank you Choice Center for believing in our cause!
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