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    Blindconnect encourages independence by providing blindness skills training and peer support.

    5165 W Sunset Rd.
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
    (702) 631-9009


    Our Mission Statement — Our Mission is to connect blind people to other blind persons, to available services and resources, and to their community-at-large. Blindconnect strives to educate about blindness, to advocate for increased services and inclusion, and to encourage community support.

    We’re passionate about our commitment of helping others with the issues of vision loss. Blindness can be a frightening, isolating experience. But it doesn’t need to be. Those of us who have lost our vision know all too well what it’s like. Six of us created Blindconnect to help like-minded visually challenged individuals connect with others without fear or shame.

    Continued Community Involvement — Our community has embraced our message, that there is life after vision loss, but we need to continue our efforts with sustained outreach. As our county continues to grow, Blindconnect will surely need to serve more people.

    We speak at community meetings, attend fairs, produce PSAs, have made appearances on television and have had articles in newspapers to help spread community awareness.

    We’re especially proud of our efforts working with state lawmakers that led to a new 2001 law, which requires public buildings to identify restroom facilities so that blind and visually impaired persons can find them independently.

    The bill SB324 was proposed by Blindconnect and presented by State Senator Dina Titus.

    In 2005 Blindconnect worked with state lawmakers to define the rights and responsibilities of service animal teams and to strengthen the law regarding safety of working teams.

    In honor of the value of service animals, Senator Titus sponsored Service Animal Recognition Day, which occurs the second Wednesday of each April. A proclamation acknowledging this day hangs in our office.

    We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit.