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  blindconnect:  MISSION STATEMENT  
  The Mission of Blindconnect is to connect blind people to other blind persons, to available services and resources, and to their community-at-large.

Blindconnect, Inc strives to educate about blindness, to advocate for increased services and inclusion, and to encourage community support
  blindconnect:  ABOUT US  
  Blindness can be a frightening and isolating experience.  It does not need to be. Those of us whoNo Help Is Too 
			Small! have lost our vision are committed to helping others deal with the issues of vision loss. Blindconnect is the outcome of this desire.

Blindconnect was incorporated in January, 1998, by a group of blind and visually impaired persons who felt that there was a need to share information and resources with others in the blindness and sighted community.

Beginning with six like-minded individuals who developed a mission statement, goals, and a Constitution and By-Laws, Blindconnect soon was incorporated as a non-profit in Nevada and received 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Within the first year the Board developed a detailed Plan of Action which lists goals and objectives for a 5 year period. An annual Board review allows for necessary adjustments. There is also a long-range financial plan. These two documents provide a roadmap for the organization.

Blindconnect opened its fully-equipped office in September, 2000. The office was furnished and equipped through the generosity of Sierra Health, United Way, and grant monies from Clark County. In 2004, the office moved and is co-located with other nonprofits in the Loux Center on the West Charleston Campus of the Community College of Southern Nevada. This move was an Eagle Scout project and involved the actual move, painting the new office, designing the layout, and setting up everything for business. We have become a "destination" in the building due to our color scheme. The office is staffed by appointment only by volunteers from the Board of Directors.

Regular outreach through speaking at a variety of community meetings, PSAs and articles in newspapers and on television, and attending community fairs has helped spread the message that there is life after vision loss. As the population in Clark County, Nevada, continues to grow, Blindconnect will serve more persons seeking information, referral, and peer support.

The organization points proudly to the 2001 Nevada State Legislature passage of SB324 which requires public buildings to identify restroom facilities so that blind and visually impaired persons can find them independently. The bill, proposed by Blindconnect and presented by State Senator Dina Titus is now the law in Nevada. Blindconnect also was active during the 2005 Legislative Session in working to define rights and responsibilities of service animal teams and to strengthen the law regarding safety of working teams. In honor of the value of service animals, Senator Dina Titus sponsored Service Animal Recognition Day which is the second Wednesday of each April. A proclamation acknowledging this day hangs in Blindconnect’s office.